HTS Sports
Below you find directions to schools and fields we usually play.  For additional directions and schedules to all games, please log in and proceed to your Sports Calendar page...Thank you!

Directions to Sporting Events
 TitleOwnerCategoryModified DateSize 
Directions to Wallingford Park and RecThomas Collette 10/26/200924.00 KBDownload
Directions to Woodhouse FieldThomas Collette 9/20/200924.50 KBDownload
Web site of New Haven Parochial Athletic LeagueThomas Collette 4/7/200921.50 KBDownload
Directions to Veteran Park, BranfordThomas Collette 4/7/200926.00 KBDownload
Directions to East Shore Fields, New HavenThomas Collette 4/7/200926.50 KBDownload
Directions to Our Lady Mercy Field MadisonThomas Collette 4/7/2009UnknownDownload
Directions to Pragemann Park WallingfordThomas Collette 4/7/200926.00 KBDownload